Xiom Vega Pro

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.8
Sale price$53.00 AUD


VEGA is one of the world's most popular rubber series and well known for the best price/performance ratio in table tennis. The VEGA PRO rubber can definitely be seen as the flagship of this series. Since the release in 2009 it gained a huge fanbase worldwide for many good reasons

Most new rubbers nowadays are very fast but don't offer the control that is actually needed to play precise returns, short balls, blocks and consistent topspin strokes. Players that trust in VEGA PRO know: Control and thereby confidence is crucial to win the game.

​There are two main reasons why VEGA PRO offers superb control:

1. The sponge is quite hard (47,5°) and non-reactive. What you put in, is what you get. In the short-short game over the table and at passive strokes the rubber will act slow. At fast movements and when hit with power, the rubber will be fast. This transition from slow to fast is very smooth and linear. There are no unpleasant, surprising reactions from the rubber. This helps to build a relationship and trust to the rubber.

2. The top sheet structure produces an extrem high ball flying curve with tremendous spin potential and provides an increased level of tolerance. This makes the rubber more forgiving and thereby increasing the confidence of the player in his attacking strokes.

​Rubbers in the low price category that offer very high control are often times too soft and unstable for the powerful attacking game. This is why many top players from all over the world were surprised by the high quality of VEGA PRO rubber. The firm top sheet in combination with the black carbo sponge is strong enough to even support the force of the top players.

Up to this day people are amazed and fascinated how slow and dead the rubber reacts in situations where high control is required and then suddenly explodes up to maximum speed when it's wanted by the player. This huge supported speed range is very rarely found in any available table tennis rubber.

VEGA PRO is probably the most sold TENSOR rubbers in history because he builds a relationship with the player. Based on trust and confidence the player improves and learns together with the rubber. It is the honest supporter that you can always rely on.

Speed: 107
Spin: 107
Control: 82
Hardness: 47.5º