Xiom Omega V Pro.

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$65.00 AUD


Even though the OMEGA V PRO rubber has a solid 47.5° sponge it overall feels a little softer because of the soft top sheet. This gives a great feeling and control due to longer dwell time.

The sponge and top sheet structure make this rubber suitable for players that let the ball sink into the rubber and let the sponge accelerate and create spin. Therefore longer motion flat hit gets highly rewarded because the rubber can show his full potential. You can imagine like this: It's not about producing spin by brushing with the top sheet but about letting the sponge do the work. In this way OMEGA V PRO can act more forgiving and also give player without fast and aggressive arm swing the opportunity to highly accelerate the ball.

The top sheet is quite unreactive to incoming spin which makes serve recieve and block very easy. Flat hits in general become more forgiving due to sponge and top sheet structure.

​OMEGA V PRO is very supporting to players that like a longer dwell time and to lead and guide the ball in the desired direction more than brushing the ball with high speed.
When used in the correct way, OMEGA V PRO can be very fast, spinny and forgiving rubber at the same time!

​Speed: 114
Spin: 115
Control: 81
Hardness: Hard