Xiom Omega V Euro

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$65.00 AUD


OMEGA V EURO make it very easy to produce high amount of spin with plastic ball. Due to the medium hard sponge and the Dynamic Friction top sheet the rubber grabs the ball extremely well for maximum rotation.

Even though OMEGA V EURO is the softest of all OMEGA V rubbers it can be the right choice for many players because the firm top sheet adds a little hardness to the rubber. This makes it perfect for aggressive brush motion to produce high amount of rotation. At the same time the soft sponge provides dwell time which helps the player to control the ball and feel more confident.

​Opening loops become very easy because the medium sponge combined with the high grip top sheet produce a very high arc and ball flight curve. This makes the rubber more forgiving in all kinds of top spin strokes. Even without very advanced technique or extremely fast arm acceleration it is possible to play spinny and fast top spins because the rubber is very springy and offers high catapult.

​OMEGA V EURO is recommended for top spin players that like to focus on spin control and use a brushing top spin movement. With advanced technique and aggressive tangential acceleration OMEGA V EURO becomes very dangerous for the opponent.

Speed: 111
Spin: 113
Control: 85
Hardness: 45º