Friendship 729 Bloompower Hard

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.2
Sale price$33.00 AUD


The Friendship Bloom Power hard is the somewhat harder version of the Friendship Bloom Power (degree of hardness of the sponge 47 degrees instead of 45 degrees), otherwise both rubbers are 100% identical. We offer this additional version for the smaller, but still existing group of players who want the hardest possible sponge.

The rather hard sponge offers a pretty good built-in speed glue effect, so that the Bloom Power outperforms the Battle II in terms of speed and catapult effect with comparable stickiness. However, it remains a rubber for a game near the table with shorter arm movements.

Overall, the feel of the game is not significantly different from that of many other sticky rubbers from Friendship, just with a little more spin + speed. Players who have previously played rubbers like the Friendship 729-08, the Battle II, or also rubbers from Tuttle like the 2018 VIP, will surely be enthusiastic about this rubber.

This rubber is particularly suitable for players who prefer to play their offensive game closer to the table with shorter arm movements - this is the best way to reveal the strengths of the sticky surface. For players with a more European style of play, on the other hand, the Bloom Power is particularly suitable as a backhand surface for a powerful counter and block game with more frequent topspins. For forehand top spins from half-distance with longer arm movements, there are also better rubbers from China.

In any case, it is positive that the Bloom Power is still safe and poisonous undercut balls even in 2.2 mm.

Due to its above-average weight, this flooring should preferably be combined with slightly lighter woods.

In the past, other brands were leaders in the very sticky and very fast offensive rubbers. In our opinion, the Bloom Power is not only just as good as the best rubbers from other brands from China, but also has a lot more to offer - a little more speed and more speed glue effect, but above all a better quality. It is also particularly noteworthy that the covering is not "factory-tuned" - the speed glue effect is built in and therefore more durable.