Dr.Neubauer Matador Texa Carbon

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Handle: Straight
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MATADOR TEXA CARBON is the fastest version in our successful MATADOR blade series.
It is made of a layer of Texalium on the backhand and a layer of Carbon on the forehand side.
The outer plies are unchanged and provide a rather stiff ball contact feeling, but with still good control.

MATADOR TEXA CARBON is a faster version of our successful MATADOR TEXA blade with a more "direct" ball feeling, enabling to produce an aggressive attacking game with inverted rubbers. Both looping with lots of spin and fast topspin shots can be performed at ease. The Carbon layer on the forehand side provides maximum power and lots of rotation, while the Texalium fiber material on the backhand gives a bit more control.

MATADOR TEXA CARBON is also a great match with offensive pimple-out and frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers since both a low bounce and high spin reversal can be achieved.

This makes it a very dynamic offensive weapon and a highly effective blade for use with special rubbers in addition.

Category: OFF
Weight: appr. 85g
Layers: 9
Thickness: 6mm
Handle types:

Control: 90
Dimensions (H x W) 15,7 x 15,3cm