Dr.Neubauer Fighter

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
Sale price$40.00 AUD


FIGHTER: The new formula for long pimples with friction and outstanding control and good disruptive effect.

FIGHTER is another technological improvement in the field of long pimple rubbers with friction.
Its innovative rubber composition provides excellent control both while playing close to the table and for classical defence.

FIGHTER also offers very good attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing and counter-attacking at the table.
This new formula enables effective blocking with disruptive effect through both passive and aggressive blocking as well as dangerous chop-blocking close to the table. On top of this a highly deceptive variation of chop and float balls can be produced while defending.

FIGHTER shall be available with the following sponge thickness choice: •OX (no sponge): Aggressive game with disruptive effect
•1.2mm (dampening sponge): The slow sponge offers a very good control and makes the ball bounce very low.

Colours: Red Black
Speed: 60
Control: 75
Effect: 89