Dr.Neubauer Django

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
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The first classic Anti-Spin rubber with disruptive effect.

As opposed to all other Anti-Spin rubbers in our product range the new DJANGO does not come with a completely frictionless surface. It is more of a classic Anti-Spin rubber type with a bit of surface friction.

DJANGO does not produce spin reversal however it enables to produce a very versatile disruptive game nevertheless, with quite good control.
Passive blocking will slow down the ball and make it bounce quite low on the table.
Counter-attacking and straight hitting will cause trouble to your opponent with a wobbly, low-bouncing ball that may result in direct winning shots.

Also DJANGO comes in very handy for service returning since it neutralises most of the oncoming spin.

Available with the following sponge thickness choice: 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0mm
The version with 1.5mm sponge provides the best control, while a thicker sponge of 1.8 and 2.0mm will give more speed and ensure a more dynamic game.

Category: Anti-Spin
Colours: red +black
Speed: 65
Spin: 71
Control: 90