Dr.Neubauer Buffalo +

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.8
Sale price$60.00 AUD


The new version of our famous Anti-Spin weapon for blocking close to the table with plastic balls.

Our Anti-Spin rubber BUFFALO has quickly become a benchmark as an extraordinary weapon for blocking close to the table with high spin reversal.

This new version BUFFALO+ produces yet again a bit more spin reversal.
BUFFALO+ will enable you to return the ball short and low including against fast topspin shots. The ball "dives" on the other side of the table.
The rubber can still be used for aggressive pushing in order to put some pressure on your opponent.

Also control could be slightly enhanced.

Our Anti-Spin rubbers BUFFALO+, BISON+ and RHINO+ are renowned to be highly effective when used with celluloid and plastic balls. However they are probably the only rubbers currently on the market that also produce good spin reversal and a low bounce with the new ABS balls.

Available with dampening sponge with the following thickness: 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8mm
The version with 1.8mm is the slowest, while 1.2mm will produce the best spin reversal.
The 1.5mm sponge version is a very good compromise.

Category: Anti-Spin
Colours: red +black
Speed: 55
Disruptive effect: 100
Control: 83