Xiom Vega Euro

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.8
Sale price$52.00 AUD


VEGA EUROPE is one of XIOM's most popular rubber of all time. Many players around the world that prefer softer rubber are amazed by its control and feel.
The soft sponge of 42,5° provides longer dwell time and great acoustic feedback for immense control. The ball stays longer on the rubber which helps adjusting strokes, absorbing incoming spin and makes it more forgiving in general.

The soft top sheet offers great touch and makes it easier for the player to control the game. Also the acceleration of the ball becomes more easy even without advanced technique or professional arm swing.

​Despite of the great control, the VEGA EUROPE gives all options for various attacking strokes because of high level energy efficiency through black TENSOR carbo sponge. In the short-short game over the table and at passive strokes the rubber will act slow. At fast movements and when hit with power, the rubber will be fast. This transition from slow to fast is very smooth and linear. There are no unpleasant, surprising reactions from the rubber. This helps to build a relationship and trust to the rubber.

​VEGA EUROPE is a well balanced and easy-to-play rubber that brings joy of playing. It's perfect for amateur and intermediate player who want to win matches by reducing their mistake rate and dominate the game with nearly almighty control.

Speed: 104
Spin: 106
Control: 85
Hardness: 42.5º